December, 2023

Unleashing Creativity: Sofia Game Jam 2023

Amusnet mentor helps a girl create a game

Amusnet demonstrated its commitment to fostering young talent, by being a proud sponsor of the annual Sofia Game Jam, a 48-hour game development marathon that brings together a diverse developers community, united by their passion for game development. 

From students to industry veterans, this year's theme, "The Big Reset: Can we stop it or has it already happened? An A.I. Dilemma", sparked creativity and innovation among all participants. Our experienced colleagues Elena Nedeleva, Game Artist and Plamen Metodiev, Software Engineer actively participated in the event as mentors, supporting teams in transforming their brave ideas into reality. 

Amusnet awarded the Special Prize to mAInframe attack, the team behind an innovative multiplayer game created in just 48 hours. The game challenged players to protect an AI from waves of monsters, with an intriguing twist—friends could influence the game's difficulty by sending additional monsters. This unique concept showcased the incredible creativity that flourished during the hackathon. The team was a blend of Elitsa Milosheva and Dimitar Stanchev who are students in the 11th grade and the experienced professionals Dimitar Iliev and Martin Plamenov. With the special help of Tsvetelina Kalchishkova who created the music and the sound the game was completed and was loved by the other teams.

mAInframe attack team photo

Three pillars: Create, Experiment, and Connect. Teams collaborated intensively, working through design, development, testing, and the actual creation of new games within the 48-hour timeframe. Participants had the chance to explore new technology tools, take on different roles in development, and test their skills in a fast-paced, creative environment. The event facilitated connections within the game development community, encouraging friendships and providing opportunities for learning from like-minded creators.

The hackathon kicked off on December 1st, Friday, in the late afternoon. The event began with a video keynote and the exciting announcement of the secret theme. Teams formed, and initial planning set the stage for the intense 48-hour development process. As Sunday, December 3rd, rolled around, the culmination of the hackathon drew near. Game development concluded by Sunday afternoon, leading to a dedicated time for playing all the created games. Teams took the stage to present their projects, showcasing the results of their collaborative efforts. Jammers had the opportunity to vote for the best game, and awards were presented to the standout creations. With 24 teams and more than 100 participants, they gave everything they had to create amazing games in just 2 days. 

Sofia Game Jam 2023 was a testament to the power of collaboration, experimentation, and connection within the game development community. Amusnet is proud to have been a part of this inspiring event, witnessing the incredible potential of young talents and inspiring the creative minds of game developers.