January, 2023

Bee-Yonce and Friends for a More Sustainable Environment

Bee princess heroine on top of a spoon of honey and forest background symbol of charity campaign

Amusnet and Real Honey

As bees are responsible for the future of our food, it has become  a top priority to protect and cherish them. Following our commitment to environmental social responsibility, Amusnet has recently started a partnership with REAL HONEY, part of the Pollenity technological brand, showcasing how innovation and nature can work closely together.

Amusnet has joined the “Adopt a Hive” Programme, helping beekeepers to sell their products at a fair price, and consumers to be offered 100% pure real honey with guaranteed origin and quality. We have adopted 3 beehives in the Rodophi mountains,  with more than 180,000 bees that have now joined our ambition for cleaner air and more fruitful nature in Bulgaria.

In return, we will be receiving 15 jars of 100% raw honey in the office, on a monthly basis. What better way to start the office day than with tea with honey – full of vitamins and minerals to boost your energy and immune system?

1 jar of honey, 1 wooden spoon and 1 plaquette all Amusnet branded

One of the sweetest moments of this partnership was the name contest we conducted. We received 14 inspiring names proposed by people within the company, but the undoubtful winner was Bee-Yonce. So, let us all welcome Bee-Yonce aboard and wish her and her dedicated team longevity and fruitful work. 

We are all looking forward to visiting our new “colleagues” in the springtime and celebrating World Bee Day on 20th May.


POLLENITY’s mission is to design, develop and implement innovative technologies, methodologies, and business practices to protect the bees and create a thriving future for our ecosystem.

Bee and beehive symbols with Pollenity logo graphic

In addition to Real Honey, Pollenity develops sensor technologies helping beekeepers to take care of their bees in a sustainable way by receiving real-time data from their hives. The main product, Beebot is an in-hive device that monitors key indicators of the bee colony and informs the beekeeper about changes that have occurred in the respective hive. The devices are 100% developed in Bulgaria and are used by customers and beekeepers on 5 continents.

„Our company uses a new business model in the food industry based on transparency and traceability. The synergy between technology and digital customer experience will change the way we connect with our food!“ - SERGEY PETROV, CEO OF POLLENITY