November, 2023

Amusnet’s Sweet Commitment: Buzzing with Bees for a Greener Future

Amusnet partners with Istinski Med (Real honey), adopting more than 360000 bees in September, 2023.

We believe the power of true leading technological companies is to showcase how innovation and social responsibility stand together to achieve a more sustainable and prosperous future. Our partnership with Istinski Med (Real honey), part of the Pollenity technological brand, has demonstrated that innovation and nature can indeed work closely together, and it’s making quite the buzz!

The Real Honey Platform is empowering Bulgarian beekeepers to sell their products at fair prices while providing consumers with 100% pure, genuine honey of guaranteed quality and origin. The honey offered on the platform is sourced from beehives which are utilizing their technology. This is important, as the technology provided by Pollenity closely monitors the health status and productivity of all bees, ensuring that they are raised sustainably and produce high-quality honey. Each jar of honey directly supports its producer and contributes to the development of sustainable beekeeping in Bulgaria.

Bees have a significant role in our ecosystem, and their pollination efforts are vital for the survival of numerous plant species and the global food supply. That’s why protecting these incredible creatures is part of our environmental and social responsibility practices.

Last year, we started this remarkable journey by adopting three beehives. Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our partnership with Istinski Med, adding three more beehives to our growing family. Today more than 360,000 bees have joined us in our mission to create cleaner air, nurture a more fruitful nature, and foster a sustainable future for generations to come.

As a delightful return on our commitment, our team receives 35 jars of 100% raw honey in the office every month. Imagine starting your workday with a warm cup of tea infused with this liquid gold, full of vitamins and minerals that boost your energy and fortify your immune system. It’s a sweet, natural way to showcase our tribute to a healthier work lifestyle and more sustainable local practices.

The partnership with Isktinski Med is a testament to our dedication to fostering a greener and more sustainable future, as we believe in the vital role that honeybees play in our ecosystem and the critical importance of preserving their invaluable work. We are excited about the positive impact we can achieve by joining forces with Istinski Med and look forward to the incredible projects and initiatives that will result from this collaboration.