September, 2023

Amusnet’s Annual Family BBQ: A Day of Unforgettable Fun

Kids dancing on a grass lane during Amusnet’s family barbecue.

Amusnet celebrated its highly anticipated Annual Family BBQ Day on September 9th and showed commitment to promoting a strong sense of community among our employees. The event, held at Vakarel Gorata, gathered over 250 people, creating lasting memories and strengthening bonds among colleagues and their families. 

The day began with a delightful breakfast, followed by some thrilling games for the kids. Children were guided through a whirlwind of activities as they participated in activities, giggles, and even a bubble bonanza. 

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the sizzling BBQ feast. A diverse range of culinary delights ensured that there was something to satisfy every palate. The atmosphere was filled with contentment as attendees indulged in the BBQ treats, making it a memorable experience for all.

Time travel followed the BBQ, as guests of all ages were transported back in time to the 90s, where they indulged in a series of nostalgic games. From strategic Tug of War to hilarious Folk ball challenges, the event had something for everyone. Attendees also enjoyed games like Seek and Find, chasing the Drunken Carrot, soaring with Federball, and scoring with Mini Football. 

For those with a keen eye and steady hands, an archery adventure awaited. Experienced instructors guided participants in mastering bows and arrows. It was an opportunity for both kids and adults to test their aim and enjoy the thrill of archery. 

After a day filled with action-packed games, all attendees enjoyed scoops of artisan ice cream, making it a perfect way to conclude the exciting festivities.

The Annual Family BBQ Day at Amusnet showcased the company’s culture and dedication to building a  sense of togetherness, not only among colleagues, but also among their families. 

The event’s success left everyone eagerly anticipating next year’s gathering, further reinforcing Amusnet’s reputation as a company that values the well-being of its employees and their loved ones.