December, 2022

A Cold Run for the Warm-Hearted

14 team members in sports suits with branded flags preparing for the Big Tech Run start 2022

Is it hard to run in the cold? Not at all, when you are a warm-hearted person.

Even with temperatures close to zero, we had a large group of colleagues who accepted The Big Tech Run challenge during the weekend of 26-27 November! 22 brave and strong team members ran together with more than 600 contestants in one of the biggest running events for IT companies in Bulgaria.

This year’s charity cause supports the Trotoara Foundation, which aims to create a healthy environment that boosts young people’s creativity and performance in the areas of music, gaming, education, manual work, dancing, and arts.  The Organisation’s dedicated team runs different initiatives that encourage kids to build and develop their cultural, spiritual, intellectual, and national values, improve their skills, and acquire new ones.

Congratulations to our colleagues at Amusnet on completing the marathon even in cold weather. The hot drinks kept the warmth after the run. But what kept our hearts warm was the goodwill we all share!

Learn more about the initiatives The Big Tech Run supports this year here.