June, 2024

Running for Charity: Amusnet at the 11th Edition of Sofia’s Business Run

Amusnet at the 11th Edition of Sofia’s Business Run

This past weekend, 32 colleagues from the Amusnet team faced the hot weather to participate in the 11th edition of the Business Run in Sofia. Over 1,360 individuals divided into 340 teams united for a common cause, making this year’s run a remarkable success.

The Business Run, an annual event that brings together professionals from the tech industry, took place in Sofia City Center. This year’s edition focused on supporting two noble causes related to children:

  • People's Community Center "Trotoara 2020": This centre aims to create an environment and community for students, volunteers, and anyone who needs to develop, discover themselves, and do it together.

  • "For Our Children" Foundation: For 32 years, this foundation has been supporting the most vulnerable children and their families, promoting their development from birth in a safe family environment. Since its inception, the foundation has supported over 26,000 children, parents, and professionals working with children.

Eight teams from Amusnet showcased their dedication and teamwork by running for these incredible causes. Despite the hot weather, our colleagues amazed us with their sports spirit and determination, highlighting the importance of supporting each other throughout the course. Additionally, this event underscored the importance of running and staying healthy, reminding us of the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle for our physical and mental well-being.

Amusnet Team

At Amusnet, we believe in contributing to causes that matter. The Business Run provided an excellent opportunity to align with our core values and corporate culture. We are proud to have been part of an event supporting children's development and demonstrating the power of community and teamwork.