January, 2024

Rediscovering Traditions: A Day of Acapella Magic with the Bistritsa Babi

Bistirica Babi visiting the office of Amusnet

We believe in celebrating the rich tapestry of traditions that we have in Bulgaria. While some of our internal events often revolve around testing the creativity of our colleagues, this time to begin the year, we decided to take a journey to our roots and immerse ourselves in the magic acapella traditional songs of the "Bistritsa Babi”. 

The Bistritsa Babi, an elderly women's choir, are the torchbearers of the traditional dances and polyphonic singing of the Shopluk region of Bulgaria. Founded in 1939, this remarkable choir has not only represented the country on the global stage but has also been recognized by UNESCO, earning a spot on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage elements in Eastern Europe.

As the Bistritsa Babi graced our office with their presence, our workspace came to life gathering many colleagues to listen to their enchanting music. Moreover, some of our team members joined for a traditional horo, a Bulgarian dance that has been part of our cultural identity for centuries, thus building a bond between generations. 

Amusnet colleagues dancing together

Afterwards, a spontaneous conversation was provoked and we were surprised to find out that the choir has a young successors group, represented mostly by their granddaughters. This was a demonstration that the only way for traditions to endure is by transmission through time and generations. The Bistritsa Babi shared not only their music but a piece of living history that connected us to our roots in a profound way.

Following this cultural immersion, we continued the festivities with a delightful spread of traditional Bulgarian banitsa. Laughter filled the air as we savored this delicious pastry, bringing smiles to every face. The day concluded with a renewed sense of connection, appreciation, and pride in Bulgarian traditions.

Amusnet employees having some traditional banitsa

As we continue to navigate the modern landscape, we are committed to embracing and honoring the timeless value of our cultural heritage.