June, 2024

Navigating Global Markets: A Day as a Marketing Campaign Manager at Amusnet

A Day as a Marketing Campaign Manager at Amusnet

What does Marketing do @ Amusnet

Juggling brand positioning, product communication, thrilling campaigns, and evolving trends while keeping up with dynamic market regulations can be a thrilling ride, but a fun one as well. With Amusnet spanning over 31 jurisdictions from LATAM to South Africa, our diverse Sofia Marketing team and I are constantly innovating, leading, and creating.

What would you say if you had to pitch your role in a 30-second elevator speech? 

Neno Baichev at Amusnet

“Takes a deep breath.” 
9:10 - Who does not like some hot coffee with colleagues for a warm-up?
9:13 - Yeap, no more than 3 minutes later.. Portugal winning the Euros or Argentina Copa America - what would be better?

9:30 - E-mail catch-up.
10:00 - Internal sync on “Stoichkov #8” campaign with Italian operators;

10:30 - 18:15 - More expected and diverse projects and meetings.  
In short, our focus is implementing targeted online and offline campaigns in key markets through relevant channels to reach a specific audience and accomplish defined objectives. Targets may vary from player acquisition through brand new slot releases to establishing our portfolio via our distinguished jackpot, “Jackpot Cards.” 

Did I make it in time?

What’s the most fun part of your job that people might not expect?

Having challenges and diversity in the day-to-day responsibilities. In this case, working together with different colleagues around the globe due to the multicultural community Amusnet has established is what I find the most interesting and fun part. Everyone involved in a particular project has to contribute through their own prism of possibilities.

Did I mention Legal, though? They can be a pain in the Achilles - you cannot go without them, but they can make you immortal in specific regions. (laughs)

Overall everyday is one unique journey we take in the world of Gaming and we try to have fun every step of the way. 

How do you see the future of marketing in the gaming industry? Any bold predictions?

When it comes to less regulated markets, with technology taking over our personal and professional lives and generations changing, I believe that regarding iGaming, we will be seeing influencer marketing become increasingly crucial for all stakeholders keen on constant adaptation and growth.

From providers’ perspectives, I believe creating their own communities would give players a platform and freedom of expression. Direct feedback could assist the studios in mastering their game on many levels. 

What’s your most valuable lesson from managing cross-border marketing campaigns?

Research, research, research. Localise, localise, localise. 

We often generalise people, actions, and things in our daily lives without even a second thought, which leads to our underestimation of the importance of communication. Considering Amusnet's global reach, the key to our ongoing growth lies in adapting regionally to ensure consistent progression. 

What would it be if you created a tagline for your role - We Master Gaming vs your slogan for your role?

In the Campaign Game, be the main!

How would you describe your job using an analogy involving a sports team?

Do you know how Cristiano Ronaldo is the leading goalscorer for his country and many of the clubs he has played for? Well, it has nothing to do with that. Being a team player is the main characteristic that overlaps. 

Even right now we are looking for a new team member to join our team and help us elevate our play. Join us as Marketing Campaigns Manager today. 

What Meme would best describe your role?

It’s not easy to describe it just with one meme, but i will try 🙂


What's your top tip for a marketing newbie in Bulgaria's exciting gaming scene?

Understand the product, listen to the audience, and master gaming.