February, 2024

Driving Change: Amusnet Team at Budapest-Bamako Rally

Amusnet Team at Budapest-Bamako Rally

The Budapest-Bamako rally took a major place in the heart of one of the world's most challenging terrains - the Sahara desert.  In 18 days as started on January 26, it tested the limits of more than 270 teams as they raced from Europe to Africa, each seeking to make a difference in the lives of Sierra Leone's youth.

Amusnet, renowned for its mastery in iGaming, proudly sponsored one of the teams, placing our confidence in the capable hands of Vasil Kyusheliev and Petar Dilchev. Behind the wheel of their Toyota Land Cruiser 80  they embarked on a journey fueled by determination and a spirit of resilience.

The rally started from the streets of Budapest, with teams traversing through Europe, passing through Hungary and Slovenia before making their way to Genoa or Spanish ports for the ferry crossing. Venturing into Africa, the landscape transformed, leading them through Morocco's majestic Atlas and Sahara mountains, Mauritania's golden dunes, and Senegal's grassy savannas. Guinea's dense forests and mountainous plateaus provided a stark contrast before the rally peaked in Sierra Leone.

From the mountains of Morocco to the savannas of Senegal, guided by teamwork and perseverance, Vasil Kyusheliev and Petar Dilchev embodied the spirit of Amusnet's motto: "We Master Gaming," as they mastered the Sahara desert.

But the journey was about more than conquering nature's obstacles; it was about making a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Through participation in the rally, Amusnet aimed to raise awareness and support local initiatives in Sierra Leone, focusing on youth development through sports. The Bureh Beach Surf School and the Rokel Kids Boxing.

Now that the rally has concluded, stay tuned for more insights and fantastic stories as the Amusnet team returns from this incredible journey. Until then, you can learn more about the event and its cause here.