March, 2024

Celebrating the heights of excellence: Amusnet's Lucky 8 Casino Birthday

DJ playing music during party

Eight years ago, a vision was born, and today, that vision stands as a testament to innovation and success in the iGaming industry. For this time, Amusnet has established itself as one of the leaders in the global iGaming landscape. On March 21st, as we celebrated our 8th birthday, we reflected on the journey that brought us here and looked forward to an even more successful future.

We recognize that amidst the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business, our greatest asset remains constant: our people. Through their dedication, passion, and hard work, we have achieved the heights of excellence we celebrated. 

We created an unforgettable evening for our team to mark this milestone occasion. The event theme, “Lucky 8 Casino Birthday Party,” prepared the stage for a lot of excitement. As colleagues entered the casino-themed office, DJ Doncho set the mood with live music while custom-built bars served up exclusive cocktails inspired by the company's top casino games, delicious gourmet bites to satisfy appetites, and a stunning birthday cake to add a touch of sweetness to the occasion.

But the surprises didn't stop there! We were introduced to something special: a magic photo mirror to capture the moments of celebration with our colleagues! Each snapshot became a cherished memory of the evening, telling a story of how great friendships are born in the workplace. 

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the casino atmosphere we created within our office space, and it was complemented by a live performance of jazz melodies by the trumpeter Svetlin Kuslev. From people experiencing firsthand the brand-new Type S slot cabinets to playing traditional favourites like Texas Hold'em Poker, Craps, Blackjack, and Roulette, laughter and cheers filled the air, creating lasting memories.

Looking ahead, we're doubling our commitment to growth and excellence. The company's 8th birthday was just another top-notch moment from our company’s life filled with great joy. 

Here's to eight years of accomplishments and many more to come!