April, 2024

Building Company Standards: Amusnet’s Leader’s Camp 2024

Leadership training

In modern business's ever-changing landscape, leadership is a dynamic skill set that drives continuous growth and success. At Amusnet, we are committed to nurturing leaders who excel and inspire others to do the same. Through various training programs and initiatives, we’ve laid the foundation for excellence, encouraging every team member to embrace their unique talents and lead with integrity. Created in 2023, Leader’s Camp's mission is to empower our managers with the needed competencies, insights, and tools for navigating today’s vibrant professional environment. 

This year's camp held particular significance as we commenced the leadership journey with sixty-five newly appointed or promoted managers of teams and divisions and all Product Owners and Game Producers. Additionally, the launch of Vol. 2 added an extra spark to the program, welcoming fifty-five executives who successfully completed Vol. 1 last year.

The Kick-Off Meeting introduced the mentors Gergana Markova and Verginia Dimova from our partnering company, Likora. With a solid track record of 21 years in training, consulting, and coaching, Likora has mentored countless companies and individuals to achieve professional success, imparting the values of honesty and empathy to foster enduring impacts.

The academy started in April and is already proving to be a game-changing experience. The carefully crafted agenda focuses on essential topics such as giving and receiving feedback, motivating and engaging others, boosting team culture and accountability, ensuring effective delegation of responsibilities, and effective communication. The curriculum is designed to cultivate know-how and foster the critical thinking and adaptability required of leaders in an ever-evolving world. 

Each session, spanning four academic hours and held bi-weekly at our office's convenience, provides a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring participants can immediately put their newfound skills into the workplace.

As the Amusnet Leader's Camp unfolds, it symbolises a comprehensive source of empowerment for our managers. Together, we embark on a transformative adventure, setting the leadership standard and shaping tomorrow's leaders who will drive forward with innovation, resilience, and a deep understanding of our values and vision.