May, 2024

Amusnet's Journey at Sofia Game Jam 2024

 Amusnet at Sofia Game Jam 2024

As the sun rose over Sofia, the Amusnet team set out on a thrilling adventure. Excitedly, we headed to Sofia Game Jam 2024: Conference + Job Fair, ready for a day of learning, networking, and inspiration.

The morning kicked off with a buzz of anticipation as we entered the conference venue. Rows of seats filled quickly as industry professionals and enthusiasts gathered. As the first speaker took the stage, we settled in, ready to dive into the wealth of knowledge awaiting us.

Hour after hour, we heard from esteemed speakers across Bulgaria and Europe. From the intricacies of game design to the nuances of animation and audio, each session drew a vivid picture of the innovation driving the gaming sector forward.

Finally, it was time for our Senior Game Animator, Velichko Vassilev, to enter the spotlight. Our colleague confidently captivated the audience with his presentation on the magic of Spine 2D and its role in animation. 

All the guests had the opportunity to visit the job fair segment of the event; at the Amusnet booth, we welcomed curious attendees eager to learn more about our company and career opportunities. We engaged visitors with interactive activities, including a challenging mind puzzle and an exhilarating raffle. Laughter and excitement filled the air as participants put their mind skills to the test for various gifts and participated in the raffle for a chance to win our exclusive American Tourist suitcase. 

As the sun set and painted the cityscape golden, we thought back on the amazing day we had at Sofia Game Jam 2024. It surpassed all our expectations, leaving us feeling inspired, energized, and thankful for being part of it.

From the interesting talks to chatting with attendees, every part of the event showed the passion and creativity of the gaming community. As we said goodbye, we felt motivated and excited about the future of game development. 

Thanks for a memorable day, Game Jamers. Until next time!