March, 2024

A Tradition of Giving More Smiles: Amusnet Annual Charity Martenitsa Bazaar

Amusnet Annual Charity Martenitsa Bazaar 2024

For a second year, Amusnet is honored to continue supporting a good cause that holds great significance for the company. The Bulgarian Martenitsa tradition in March was cherished by collaborating with the WITH A SMILE FOR YOU organization, marking another milestone in the company’s corporate social responsibility journey.  

The WITH A SMILE FOR YOU mission resonates deeply with Amusnet's company values to be accountable and always find ways to be of help to the community. The non-profit organization has been dedicated to crafting handmade items by parents and friends of children with developmental challenges for over nine years. This year the organization’s representatives have provided hundreds of unique Bulgarian martenitsas to make the fest memorable for more than 900 team members at Amusnet and Studio Tech.

During the campaign period from February 19th to March 6th 2024, all colleagues had to opportunity to purchase from a selection of over 1500 handmade martenitsas like bracelets, pendants, brooches, wall decorations, and more. Thanks to the overwhelming support of the company’s team, Amusnet has donated 5639.60 BGN to the WITH A SMILE FOR YOU organization. 

Partnering with the organization has been a privilege for  Amusnet, which shows in practice how collective efforts support a noble mission to make a difference.  

Amusnet remains committed to giving back and supporting local charities and urges everyone to join and spread kindness and positivity. Every act of generosity matters, as even the smallest one can create a ripple effect of change affecting more people than imagined.

If you wish to support the cause of the WITH A SMILE FOR YOU foundation, you can find amazing hand-made item in their website