December, 2023

Amusnet's All-Star Christmas Party: A Night To Remember

Amusnet Christmas Party

Amusnet's All-Star Christmas Party: A Night To Remember 

As another successful year for Amusnet has come to an end, it was time to celebrate all 12 months of hard work, dedication, and shared victories. To commemorate this journey, the global Amusnet family gathered at a high-class downtown Event Center for our magical All-Star Christmas Party.

Artists welcoming Amusnet colleagues

The night began with a warm welcome from our CEO, Ivo Georgiev, who came up on the stage to thank everyone for their collective efforts that had propelled Amusnet to new heights in 2023 and inspire the whole team for an even more successful new year. The culmination of the evening was undoubtedly the special award ceremony – a heartfelt appreciation for our colleagues who best embodied Amusnet's core values "We Care. We Evolve. We Lead. We are Accountable". 

Four members of the Amusnet team received recognition for their professionalism and hard work over the year. Georgi Petrushev was honored with an award for exemplifying "We Care." Lazar Agatonovic, recognized for his commitment to growth and innovation, received the "We Evolve" award. Yordan Georgiev, a beacon of leadership within our ranks, was granted the "We Lead" award. The award for embodying accountability went to Jacob Falzon as a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence.

The evening unfolded with other surprises for Amusnet’s team. Chef Vasil Katsarov, known for the culinary expertise he demonstrated in Hell’s Kitchen, tempted everyone with gastronomic delights that mirrored the company’s taste for creativity and innovation.

The charismatic Maria Sylvester, the master of our gala, took us on a journey of stellar performances by top Bulgarian stars like Krasi Radkov, Orlin Pavlov, Maria Ilieva, Grafa, and DJ Cass who catered to the diverse music style preferences of our multinational team. 

Amusnet celebrating together

As the night went on, excitement peaked with the grand Amusnet raffle. Our colleagues eagerly awaited the announcement of the winners’ names, and cheers erupted as six lucky people claimed the prizes, including rejuvenating SPA and travel vouchers, a Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 5, an iPhone 15, a PlayStation 5, and a set of Apple AirPods Pro 2.

The All-Star Christmas Party was more than a mere celebratory event; it was an epitome of shared moments, great entertainment, and everything that has made Amusnet exceptional so far and will continue to bind us together in the years to come. Here's to the magic of the holiday season, Amusnet’s success, and the promise of even greater achievements in the year ahead.