November, 2022

350+ Applicants for Our Internship Programme 2.0

9 young men internship applicants sitting on soft chairs at the Amusnet lounge area

Huge Interest in our second edition of the Amusnet Internship Programme has been recorded this summer, as we have received more than 350 applications. These numbers give us even greater confidence that what we do has a deep meaning for development of the software industry here, in Bulgaria.

7 young men internship applicants playing football at the Amusnet office

At Amusnet we are focused on the development and retention of our employees and at the same time on investing in growing people’s potential.  Тhe secret behind our overall company success lies in the fact that each person has their own motivation to perform at their best and strive forward.

Of all candidates, only a selected number (9%) have been approved to  join the programme. In its first edition last year, Hristo, Krasimir, Vasil, Georgi, Pavel, Salih, Zahari, and Rosen were the interns that were offered a position with the company as Junior Developers.

More and more companies begin to mature and understand that their most knowledgeable, productive, and loyal employees are home-grown. Amusnet Interactive is one of the very few IT companies that dedicates significant time and resources to give a chance to talented engineers and nurture their development as professionals through our Internship programs,.” – says Hristian Kostov, Head of Internship & Trainings.

Hristian Kostov seated on a green chair at the Amusnet office commenting on the  company internship

The Programme’s success is based on our efforts to build practical skills and thinking, given the fact that a local education is predominantly theoretical and does not offer an in-depth study of competencies like parallel programming and high efficiency of applications and algorithms developed.

A big thank you to all of the colleagues who helped to facilitate the process, both technically and to all recruiters.

It is an honour to climb the IT value chain together!