Responsible Gaming

EGT Interactive Ltd., as a manufacturer and provider of iGaming software, is licensed and certified in multiple gaming jurisdictions. As such, for all of our products, including the Random number generators, in addition to our internal testing procedures and controls, we rely on independent testing facilities, accredited in different jurisdictions. These recognized bodies test and verify that our products comply with the regulations in place and meet the criteria of randomness, player protection and security.

Provided that EGT Interactive has no direct relationship with the players, we trust it is also our duty to supply our partners, the Organizers of Remote Gaming, with products supporting mechanisms and tools with respect to Responsible Gaming.

Our Responsible Gaming offering includes:

In-play limits:

EGT Interactive’s communication protocol supports an API functionality, allowing the display of in-play messages when a Bet, Loss or Time session limits have been almost and/or fully reached.

In order for these limits to apply, they must be implemented by and configured at the Organizer of Remote Gaming’s end.

Reality Check notification:

An automatic reminder, with pre-set frequency that can vary depending on the jurisdiction, will be shown to each individual player exposed to our games, suspending the play in order to indicate to them for how long they have been playing, how much they have won or lost for such time span.

Clock display:

All EGT Interactive games’ interfaces are designed in a way to support a real clock at a prominent place, at all times, thus allowing the players to keep accurate track of time.

Auto-play controls:

When an auto-play facility is available in a game, it can be configured to offer a pre-defined sets of automated game rounds. A counter is displaying the remaining ones, and the auto-play function will be disabled as soon as it reaches 0.

Speed of play:

EGT Interactive games can be configured in a way that a certain amount of time (most commonly 3 seconds) lapses between two consecutive game rounds. In such cases, the “Stop all” function will not be available.