Amusnet Internship Program

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Amusnet Internship Program

Amusnet Internship Program is a series of internal trainings in Back-end, Front-end and DevOps. The trainings are intensive and rich in content and topics. The purpose of the internship is to solidify the theoretical knowledge of the interns and fill-in the gaps in areas such as concurrency, design patterns, algorithms and more.

All trainees will be offered а labor contract for the duration of the training and get paid for learning!
You’ll also receive a company laptop for your training needs.
We’ll do our best to support you in the learning process and help you build your dream career with us!

Selection process

The internship program assumes a certain level of technical understanding, experience and relevant education. The purpose of the selection process is to identify the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and whether they will be a good basis for starting the internship. Each internship has its own selection process, but it is common to start with reviewing your CV, relevant education and previous work experience, if any. Next, we assess your knowledge in the respective area with a technical interview. The internship groups are small with up to 10 interns and only the best performing candidates are invited to participate.

Program benefits

Jumpstart engineering career in one of the most prosperous IT companies in Bulgaria
Gain knowledge in high-end systems and work with smart and friendly colleagues
Paid internship with labor contract
Personal laptop
Online format
Medical insurance, Multisport card, Transportation card, Relax zone, Company events and many more


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