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This is our Culture
We care about each other. Everyday. Our people are not just a unit from a list or a box in the organizational chart. We know that personality matters.

We appreciate dedication. A lot. We are enthusiastic about what we do, striving to achieve the perfect result. We open up a space for everyone to make their own contribution.

We believe quality is crucial. Always. Whatever we do, we put an extra effort, pay attention to the details and constantly improve our expertise. We strive for excellence.

We use the most important ingredient. Attitude. We find mutual respect essential for our success. A good word comes first. We believe in having an optimistic mindset.

Our Values

We have simple set of principles and fundamental beliefs that help us function together
as a team and achieve our goals.
Be Kind
We understand the importance of treating others with respect. Kindness is at the core of how we interact with each other. We believe that everything starts with a kind word. Being nice to others is just part of our recipe for success.
Be Accountable
We value accountability. We appreciate people who understand the importance of any project, who have a proactive behavior and take responsibility for their actions. We believe that a sense of ownership helps people to do their best.
Be a Team Player
We believe teamwork is all about understanding and supporting your colleagues. Collaborating on challenges and opportunities helps us drive our company towards success. Teammates will help you push through and get the job done.
Show Dedication
We encourage dedicated people who bring energy and initiative to their job every day. We find commitment and enthusiasm very inspiring. We believe that being passionate about your work helps you achieve great results.
Pursue Excellence
We strive for improvement. We believe in creating an environment where people can perform at their highest level. Pursuing excellence means always doing your best. Excellence is an attitude, a habit, a continuous process.
Embrace Change
We think change is essential. We believe there is always a better way and we encourage people to find it. We embrace new ideas. We search for a different solution. Change helps us grow and learn and it’s the key to our success.

Get to know your team mates

“Becoming good at what you do is like solving a puzzle – you need to have the patience to put each piece in its right place.”

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Deyan Gyurdzhekliev
Senior Software Developer

“Whatever you do make sure you put passion in it.”

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Vyara Tsakova
Java Trainee

“Sometimes in life you need to have the courage to take a turn and find yourself and what you are good at.”

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Kaloyan Zykov
Software Developer

“Accept every day as a new challenge and you won’t have a choice but end up consistently outperforming yourself.”

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Danina Nenova
2D/3D Artist
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