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Yordan Kanchelov
Software Architect

This is our Culture

“This is the real secret of life - to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”
― Alan Watts

It all starts with a friendly atmosphere and a place where everyone is respected. Inspiration and creativity live here and make it easy for talent to grow. Dedication and striving to perform at our best drives us ahead. Optimism is a shared mindset. And play is in our DNA.

Our Values

We Care.
We look out for each other. It’s about respect and demonstrating that each team member is valued highly. It’s about how we do business. The result is not the only thing that matters; we care about how we get there. We extend this inclusivity and duty of care to our clients, embracing regulation and encouraging responsible gaming. Together, it allows us to achieve great things, ensuring nobody is left behind.
We Evolve.
We are proud of our legacy, but we never stand still. We are constantly seeking new approaches and solutions to answer the needs of a highly competitive environment. Amusnet embraces new technologies, harnesses innovative ideas from our team, and creates new exciting games and features that players love. We constantly evolve so that we improve and grow.
We Amuse.
By creating amusement, we generate engagement. We know how to amuse now and develop new products to create excitement tomorrow. Amuse dominates our brand; it’s the word woven into the fabric of our name, Amusnet. But it also represents our core attitude and focus, a desire to be driven by excitement in everything we do. Our muse is to amuse.
We Play.
Our slogan is: We make people play. While aimed at clients, our team knows life at Amusnet is playful, too. We create a workplace culture that rewards our employees with a vibrant, fun and social experience. To play is not just a way of passing the time; it’s integral to an enjoyable working life. We are excited to play together as a team.

Get to know your team mates

“Becoming good at what you do is like solving a puzzle – you need to have the patience to put each piece in its right place.”

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Deyan Gyurdzhekliev
Senior Software Developer

“Whatever you do make sure you put passion in it.”

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Vyara Tsakova
Java Trainee

“Sometimes in life you need to have the courage to take a turn and find yourself and what you are good at.”

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Kaloyan Zykov
Software Developer

“Accept every day as a new challenge and you won’t have a choice but end up consistently outperforming yourself.”

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Danina Nenova
2D/3D Artist
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