Amusnet’s Front-end Internship

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What is the Front-end Internship Program?

Amusnet’s Front-end Internship Program is a tailored training that includes lectures, theoretical and real-life examples, personal and group homework, mentoring sessions and integration into various teams. The purpose of the internship is to solidify the theoretical knowledge of the interns and fill-in the gaps in areas such as asynchronous execution, design patterns, algorithms, frameworks and more. The groups are small with up to 10 people to guarantee the successful personal education and development.

The curriculum includes the following topics:

Oval Software Development Lifecycle
Oval OOP, Data Structures, Algorithms
Oval TypeScript
Oval Asynchronous Execution / AJAX
Oval Design Patterns, concept for Dependency Injection
Oval TSLint
Oval Testing with SinonJS, Jest and Playwright
Oval Web Services and WebSockets
Oval PixiJS and GSAP
Oval ReactJS
Oval Node.js, npm, webpack
The natural progression of the internship is to integrate the intern into an existing team of experienced colleagues and become a Junior-level engineer.

All interns will be offered а labor contract and get paid for learning! You’ll also receive a company laptop and get advantage of all company benefits and perks. We’ll do our best to support you in the learning process and help you build your dream career with us!

The Training

Oval Duration: 5-6 months
Oval Small group: up to 10 interns
Oval Full - time labour contract
Oval Format: Mostly online (via Google Meet) with a few office visits
Oval Suitable for students, however this is a full-time job

Our Process

Take a test
Pass an interview
Gain knowledge
Start your career

Selection process

The internship program assumes a certain level of technical understanding, experience and relevant education. The purpose of the selection process is to identify the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and whether they will be a good basis for starting the internship.

The Front-end Internship Program has the following selection process:

Oval Short and simple 1-hour HackerRank test upon application
Oval By CV and relevant education - universities, schools, IT academies, etc.
Oval Onsite or online technical interview and short live coding session

Program benefits

Jumpstart engineering career in one of the most prosperous IT companies in Bulgaria
Gain knowledge in high-end systems and work with smart and friendly colleagues
Paid internship with labor contract
Personal laptop
Online format
Medical insurance, Multisport card, Transportation card, Relax zone, Company events and many more